Concept & Design


 Aesthetics and Functionality are combined by Logycad in order to develop its and customers’ ideas. The domain expertise in management and optimization of a product life-cycle, in all its phases, ensures properties and results.



New ideas development, new concepts and design

  • Development of new ideas and concepts
  • Research of new technical and ecological materials
  • Research of new aesthetic finishes
  • Study of ergonomics and functionality
  • Maquettes realization

Feasibility study

  • Evaluation critical issues of design and process
  • Investments estimate
  • Product and process costs estimate

Renderings and virtual enviroments

  • Photorealistic renderings
  • Virtual ambiences
  • Video presentations


  • Scale models
  • Real dimension models for style evaluation (light)
  • Real dimension models with aesthetic finishes  (metal, wood, glass, plastic, silk screen printing, painting, chromium plating etc.)

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