About us

Logycad srl was founded on january 2003 and operates in the field of research, project and products development.
The Company’s aim is to support the customers from the ideas throughout production by providing experience and solutions.
The resources of
Logycad consist of professionals and specialized tools for design, projects, virtual analyses and final testing.
The positive outcome obtained during the past years, even on the international market, got
Logycad aware that improving results can be achieved only through a continuous process of evolution and innovation.
Therefore the company keeps on investing in manpower and software tools aimed to research, experimentation and application of new processes and technical solutions.
Integration and collaboration are the keys for success. Logycad’s engineers are skilled at researching and developing solutions in perfect armony with customers’ team.
The experiences acquired in many fields, even if apparently different and the technical knowledge, matured during the past 20 years, allow 
 Logycad’s team to manage any kind of new project and to guarantee its professional advancement.


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